Important Information

It is timely to remind all our homeowners that you can help with the maintenance of this valuable asset to our community that we all enjoy. We continue to experience problems with landscaping services and home owners dumping yard waste on trails property. Not only is this a violation of our deed restrictions, but it also creates an added fire hazard during the drought conditions we are experiencing. Please insure that those maintaining your residence do not use the trails for disposing of yard waste. We also would like to remind all residents with property that is adjacent to the trails that there are specific deed restrictions regarding observing your property line. No improvements can be made on trails property and no clearing or cutting of trails property is allowed.

There have also been issues raised to the Board by residents regarding animals on the greenbelts. Since we were annexed by the city of Houston several years ago, we are now subject to the ordinances imposed by the city. Both city ordinance and greenbelt rules require pets be leashed at all times. The city ordinance also requires that all animal waste is to be picked up and properly disposed of by the pet owner. Please be considerate of your neighbors and clean up the greenbelt property after your dogs.

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